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Name shared by several fictional comic book superheroes from the DC Comics universe, "The Atom" redirects here. Typically in comic books, the transition to superhuman power involves exposure to radiation. Not so far anyway. Hailing from Earth-8009, Lyra is the genetically engineered daughter of Thundra and the Hulk. The new Champion of Shazam, Mary Bromfield, gets a new identity that's sure to please fans of the magical hero.. At some point it is proven (and then questioned) that long term contact with him could cause cancer. She traveled to Earth-616 where she became an agent of A.R.M.O.R. She can exhale mystical green fire. She can cause Magma to rise and break through the earths surface and can even throw magma blasts at her opponents. It is suggested in the Tangent series that the Atom's name was at least in part chosen because of the abbreviation of his full name "Arthur Harrison Thompson" on his barracks door to simply "A. Fantastic come together to save the world. Comic book fans know Bruce Banner, The Incredible Hulk as the original gamma-powered superhero. Stroehm - A gangster who framed Mr. Baker for arson in order to get to the copper deposit on his property. Fire isnt her primary ability. Even if a person traveled through the Van Allen belt, where theyd be pelted with 15 million cosmic rays per second, one couldnt guarantee that happening. Her fire-like hair is her power, and she can pull it off and hurl it towards enemies. (When these failsafes fall short, genetic disorders like cancer can occur). His powers function as if he "caught" the powers of a spider, as if the radiation functioned as a kind of Silly Putty, transferring the characteristics off the spider and on to Parker. 4. With three-quarters of the team related to each other either biologically or through marriage, the Fantastic Four are more of a family than any other team. [3] Sometime in the 1980s Troy McClure portrayed Radioactive Man in a Radioactive Man movie trilogy. After surrendering and being handed over to the police, Johnny was released into his mother's custody. 3 Promo Sees Mantis Square Up Against Nathan Fillion, King of the Hill Star Provides an Update on Hulu's Reboot. This can counteract this if the user possesses radiosynthesis, absorbing radiation to sustain accelerating metabolism to achieve healthy cells, organs, bones, and overall enhanced health. May be limited on how much or type of radiation they can control. Its more of a title over a superhero alias, but Roy Mustang is a hero in his own right. For example, Burnin is a flame-based pro-hero in Endeavors Agency. The Atom has been the star of multiple solo series, and four of the five have appeared as members of various superhero teams, such as the Justice Society of America, the Justice League, the Suicide Squad, and the Justice Legion Alpha. In addition to comic books, he was featured in a weekly black and white TV series, where he was played by murdered actor Dirk Richter, with Buddy Hodges as Fallout Boy, who was rumored to have died in the Vietnam War but survived into the 1990s. Gamma Powered appears in 250 issues. History/Background and/or General Information. He is a member of the Fantastic Four who gained his powers when cosmic rays hit his spacecraft. Unlike a lot of other radiation-created superhero, aside from his dramatic powers Parker doesn't have to deal with any problems associated with the radioactivity exposure. Druid - The ruler of the sub-atomic world of Catamoore which is governed by magic. The odds for supervision are still against you. Zauriel is more than a hero. After the Leader's bomb exploded, he was one of five survivors gifted with gamma abilities. (Chernobyl 2019). [9] This new Atom is based on a redesign by Grant Morrison. Perry Poodle - A baseball player who invents a machine that would enable him to cheat at baseball even when two criminals take advantage of him. The power to manipulate radiation and radioactive material. Scalar Wave Manipulation. He has abilities similar to the Human Torch, but he had additional molten earth properties. A superhero created in the 30th and 31st centuries of DC's Universe. Subscribe to Here's the Deal, our politics newsletter. Wow, what a great thing you are doing in your free time to make kids feel comfortable. Fantastic Four, American team of comic strip superheroes, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for Marvel Comics in 1961, that brought an element of realism to the genre unique for its time. In Wonder Woman #798's backup story, "A Champion's Heart - Part Two" by Josie Campbell and Caitlyn Yarsky, Mary stands powerless on the battlefield . Therefore I choose to believe that Marvel Girl was transformed by her exposure to radiation and she became a more powerful version of herself, renamed Phoenix. When the singularity threatened to expand and destroy his universe, he enters it in an attempt to save the universe but instead finds himself on an interdimensional bridge to another universe as his own is wiped out, unable to stop it. Finding him became a major theme of the Countdown year-long series and crossover event.[4]. These are in publication order. After the events of Identity Crisis, Ray shrank himself to microscopic size and disappeared. We know from the comics that the Fantastic Four got their powers the same way the Hulk, Daredevil, and Spider-Man did, radiation. Most of us probably know her for her Mars Flame Sniper, which is perhaps her strongest fire-based attack. Powers that are related to radioactivity. Each of the versions of Atom have their own enemies: Frank Miller portrayed Ray Palmer as a major player in Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again as part of Batman's resistance. A hero with a tough childhood, Firestar found a home first with the White Queen in Massachusetts Academy. Then there is Ben Grimm (the Thing), a brute of a man transformed into a brute of a brick. The ruse ended, Palmer explains himself to the Justice League, who had been searching for him after hearing rumors of a new Atom. Johnny and Sue are . A cornerstone of Marvel's universe of characters, the Fantastic Four remains one of the most popular superhero teams in comic book history. First, well talk about 30 fiery heroes who have impacted comic book history. This reboot has a new origin story about how the quartet became so fantastic, something involving alternate dimensions. Hour after hour, 20 hours since the explosion, so 40 bombs worth by now. The whole movie is brilliant -- take your kids, an", "Henry Winkler's Role in 'Black Adam' Revealed (Exclusive)", Article on the history/legacy of The Atom, Counting Down to Countdown IV: The Great Disaster and the Atom, Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show, The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Atom_(character)&oldid=1150784108, Articles about multiple fictional characters, DC Comics characters who are shapeshifters, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0. His real name is Dirk Morgna, and he has the ability to unleash internal solar energy. She has been transformed into the Harpy, died, and is now a Hulk herself although she lost her powers when Doctor Green, the new incarnation of the Hulk, injected her with the cure for Gamma Radiation. Once possessing the superhuman strength equivalent to a relatively calm Hulk, Leonard is now more powerful than ever as his darker alter-ego Samson. Radiation Generation. It also includes media where the character later saw substantial use. The movie starred Rainier Wolfcastle as Radioactive Man. Labs during a storm. Manipulate radiation and radioactive material. Countdown: Arena also depicts the Ray Palmer of Earth-6, who through unknown circumstances now has the powers and title of the Ray. This Atom's powers differ from his predecessors in that he doesn't shrink but breaks up into several smaller duplicates of himself divided amongst his mass. Still trapped under the truck, he meets Radioactive Man when the superhero arrives on the scene to lift it off him. 24/7 Warrior. User blog:Loxlie 35/Auric Energy Manipulation, User blog:Mjt017/Absolute Ionic Absorption, User blog:Mjt017/Absolute Nuclear Absorption, User blog:Mjt017/Absolute Radiation Absorption, User blog:Mjt017/Absolute Wave Absorption, User blog:Mjt017/Bio-Electromagnetic Generation, User blog:Mjt017/Bio-Electroweak Generation, User blog:Mjt017/Bio-Electroweak Manipulation, User blog:Mjt017/Bio-Elemental Transmutation, User blog:Mjt017/Bio-Explosion Manipulation, User blog:Mjt017/Bio-Fission Manipulation, User blog:Mjt017/Bio-Nucleochemistry Manipulation, User blog:Mjt017/Bio-Radiation Generation, User blog:Mjt017/Bio-Radiochemistry Manipulation, User blog:Mjt017/Mass-Energy Manipulation (WIP), User blog:Mjt017/Nucleochemistry Manipulation, User blog:Mjt017/Personal Nucleochemistry, User blog:Mjt017/Personal Radiation Chemistry, User blog:Mjt017/Thermal Radiation Generation, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. The flames arent just for show because Ghost Riders have Hellfire Manipulation. Very few references to Radioactive Man's actual super powers have been made. Queen Volcano - fire powers (not obvious at all) Tecton - earthquake powers Deathmunch - he's kinda hungry (couldn't resist) Wildflame - fire powers (no kiddin) Optimo Salvo - no idea at the moment Steel Prophet - someone with guns? Palmer and Loring got a divorce. A radioactive particle is an unstable atom that spews energy in an attempt to restore balance. 61) Emma Frost. he then uses the energy to project Solar Fire and use it to sheath his body in flame without getting burned. Furthermore, he can control up to what temperature he releases. Sting - An old friend of Blacksnake who controls robotic bees. Some of these names might have already been thought up by other people in the past, but I still wanted a shot in trying to make hero names. Across the universe, everything possesses a radioactive element, from plant life, foods, metals, soil, electronics, and nearly every material we use. Just like their element, they show strong personalities and unwavering determination. [1] The second Atom was the Silver Age Atom, Ray Palmer, who first appeared in 1961. Credit: U.S. Air Force. In addition (which became a recurring storyline element), Claude's personality was permanently stuck in a conservative 1950s outlook on everything, no matter what the time era in question was. After stumbling onto a mass of white dwarf star matter that had fallen to Earth, he fashioned a lens which allowed him to shrink down to subatomic size. Switcher - mind powers Fog Girl - turns into fog (duh) Morph Man - Clayface? Black Phantom - A costumed criminal who leaves a thumbprint as his calling card. The Leader. Combination of Electromagnetism Manipulation and Nuclear Manipulation. Her ability allows her to control her core temperature from hot and cold. She can also absorb her fireworks without harm. He has aided several foreign heroes throughout his lifetime, most notably the X-Men. The Hulk of a possible future in an alternate reality, who was unwillingly exposed to gamma radiation (by the Knights of Banner, who wished to recreate the accident that created the original Hulk) and transforms into The Hulk of the year 2099 whenever he wills. Nuclear Fire Manipulation. Later this was retroactively changed to have been a separate entity, the Phoenix is a cosmic being, entirely separate from Jean Grey, thus allowing for her return. A Ghost Rider shares the same traits with the others. 15. So lets say somewhere in that genome, there is one base pair responsible for Human Torchism. Two heroes in the Marvel Universe have taken up the name Toro, but the one who can burst into flames like the Human Torch is the first Toro. Cray had been recruited by Palmer (who faked his own death) to apprehend the Micro Squad, a group of villains that had been reduced in size.

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