my dream job is to become a flight attendantmy dream job is to become a flight attendant

Im very good with people, I think this will be something great for me. My dream job would allow me to develop web content for a variety of companies. This is one thing Ive been talking about all my life. 99. handmade hazel hurdles; chile crema qdoba ingredients; my dream job is flight attendant because. 27. 93. Work out what needs to happen first . Youre a nice, warm person with bags of personality, show it! Ive always wanted to become a flight attendant because I LOVE being in the air. This has forever been a dream of mine. The first reason why becoming cabin crew is a dream job is the opportunity to travel. Traveling and meet new people and make a person feel like a king or queen is what I enjoy doing. The faces you see, the friends you make, travelers that relied on you to provide the best service. We hope this article helped provide some tips on answering the question Why you want to be a flight attendant? effectively. For example, in my last job, I worked for clients in industries ranging from healthcare to education and received praise for my work with a variety of companies. This has always been my dream job, Ive been a stay at home mom and now its time for my career. 1. Passenger demographics and demands vary wildy by route. My dream was always to be in a plane or fly a plane. Im confident that I can help passengers enjoy a positive and safe travel experience. These insights can lead to differing roles, such as becoming a cabin crew trainer, helping to improve the customer provision by working in the airlines product design department, or even learning to fly and becoming an airline pilot! Firstly, youll sound like a robot and completely without personality. I am a very giving and caring person. 84. Ask yourself those sorts of questions and then build yourself the right answers. Now Im divorced and ready to pursue my lifelong dream. It was my dream job since I was little and its still my biggest dream. Be careful about what information you post on social media. requirements? Im looking for a major career move. 68. Because, somewhere along the way the unfortunate schedules, reserve, and terrible flights you had a moment when you thought, "I can't believe my job took me here." Even when I feel it's hell, I know there is a reason I stay. 43. He thus is able to leverage his previous client relations experience as a persuasive selling point for his candidacy. I have always struggled to figure out what I want to do with my life. Ive been a customer Service for 12yrs as CNA. 4. Practice your interview replies by all means, but DONT try to memorize them word for word. Im very energetic with an outgoing & fun lovingly personality that loves traveling and meeting new people. Incidentally, dont lie about any of this, please dont. Even though a lot of flight attendants were furloughed and some chose to leave their jobs, I never thought I would leave. I want to give back to the people who make this world what it is. I love to travel and want to experience all the wonderful people and places this world has to offer. Travel Elle | Content Creator (@elle_lovess) on Instagram: "GETTING PAID TO TRAVEL ?! I would give the best customer service to passengers allowing them to have an enjoyably fun and safe flight. I think my love for this career would really help me serve other people. Bad weather, inflight emergencies occasionaly there are even easy days with blue skies and quiet business passengers! And, if you havent given it any thought before your interview it really shows! Caring and the safety of others is not an option, its who I am! 96. They want to know if you understand what the job entails and if youre excited about the prospect of working as a flight attendant. Im a really big people person. I told myself this is for me. 26. How to become a flight attendant. Your answer will be more convincing if you reflect on why you found these types of activities rewarding in the past, and how yourskill setmatches the type of job you're after. Welcome aboard Flight #1 heading to Your Dream Job. 40, loc. Opportunities are unlimited its all up to you how far you want to go. It's such a glamorous job Don't let serving flight attendants ever tell you that they don't like getting dressed up in their uniform and feeling like a million dollars. As a truly international role, flight attendants have the opportunity to work with a great team of people from varying backgrounds. You'll be invited to an interview before receiving a job offer, and before you can begin training. I have a four-year degree in social work and I have worked in the healthcare industry for 32 years. Do a comparison of airlines and pick the ones that seems like the best fit. I wanna be a flight attendant. This is something that I would enjoy most doing., My teamwork skills were honed during my time as a summer sports counselor. Im a nurse now and Im 49 I want a career change and I feel this is the right time for me to do so. 18. This is something completely different from what Ive done. I need to be in the sky. The conversation has been edited for length and clarity. To me, this would be the most exciting experience any job could offer. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Many form lifelong friendships. Tell them the qualities you have that are important to the job and back them up with your experience.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'thesegoldwings_com-leader-1','ezslot_10',642,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-thesegoldwings_com-leader-1-0'); This is your chance to shine, to show that you have that little extra something that the company will want. ", Open-Ended Job Interview Questions and Answers. I understand that addressing passengers needs, making sure they are safe and delivering outstanding service is a priority in this airline. For example, if the position is a customer service job, you might say that your dream job would have a high level of interaction with customers. 32. Because being a people person comes naturally to me plus I would love to fly around the world while helping guests at the same time enjoy their flight. Do you love interacting with people from all over the world? Here are some other things to avoid in your response: ", Interview Question: "How Do You Plan To Achieve Your Career Goals? 1, 90-135 d, Poland Becoming a flight attendant is nearly everyone's dream job. Be ready to share some examples of how you have enjoyed utilizing those skills in the past. Work With Me. It's important to have a good answer ready, as this is one of the most common questions interviewers will ask. No matter what space of flying you find yourself in hold onto wanderlust, kindness, and hope. 67. With this career, I will get the opportunity to interact with diverse people and address their needs. I know that this job opportunity is available, its just up to me to go for it. I know that if you chose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. Because youll be working on a plane, your hours will be dictated by the flights youre working on. Try to avoid this answer. 29. What NOT to Answer (Boring and Overused Answers), 70 Real Life Flight Attendant Interview Questions, Cabin Crew Best Answers: "What is Your Greatest Weakness", How to Become a Flight Attendant Without Experience: A Complete Guide, Flexibility, both personal and professional. Im ready for a change and this is the career I really want now. Many airlines also offer their staff discounted travel perks. So I feel that this occupation will be suited well for me with my love for a flying career and assisting others. Ive dreamed about becoming a flight attendant for a long time and I am ready to make a move towards my dream. When a flight attendant asks you to do something, it's because we're trying to keep you safe, not because we like having power over you. Answers that are overly grandiose"My dream job is CEO," for instanceare off-putting. My work as a waitress gave me an insight into how to deal with difficult customers and my work as a lifeguard taught me to understand that safety relies on being prepared and paying attention to detail. Im a team player and I believe I have the communication skills and smile to be an exceptional airline attendant. For example, rather than simply setting your sights on working in a particular industry, choose the role you want. I have always had a passion for traveling the world. However, the journey to becoming a flight attendant is far from easy, it is difficult. I also have excellent people skills, which would be beneficial in dealing with passengers.. No two days are the same. my husband defends his sister over me anime characters born in july 31 my dream job is flight attendant because anime characters born in july 31 my dream job is flight attendant because 28. Im ready to make the change. By clicking Sign Up, you also agree to marketing emails from both Insider and Morning Brew; and you accept Insiders. So you not only increase your skills but also your salary. That is flat-out boring and doesnt convey any real information. The flight deck wishes you a pleasant read, and we thank you for flying with Zety Airlines. I like to explore new scenery and meet new people. Im motivated to be someone who can reassure peoples safety & comfort while making sure they are happy with their flight. I feel like this job was created for me to succeed in it. Refer back to my last point be yourself and be unique. An often overlooked answer to why becoming cabin crew is your dream job, is the people youll meet! Five examples of a great answer to this question "Why You Want to Be a Flight Attendant"? 24. I need a change in my life and this was something I wanted to do before I got married. The more prepared, the better. I would enjoy the lifestyle and having the opportunity to make a complete stranger feel good about where they are in life, even for a moment, and I love that. Here's how: Be specific - The more specific you are, the more likely you are to achieve what you set out to do. This is the perfect fit for me. The more I am in the sky the happier I am. Audiobook - 10 Steps to Get a Job for those moving to Canada Audiobook Now Available! It can also be an opportunity to show the interviewer you havent got any idea where your future company actually flies to! Being in an airplane, in this enclosed space with people you don't know, is kind of a perfect place for those fears to incubate. I love getting to know different clients and developing content to suit their unique needs. I dont have anything holding me back from an opportunity like this. Finally, I want to work for your airline because it is one of the worlds most reputable and respected airlines. The primary function of a flight attendant is that of looking after the safety and welfare of their passengers. (2017, Apr 02). They'll do a background check, give you a drug . This is the lifestyle that suits me best. I have a passion for helping & serving people. If you ask me, a dream job is not only related to earning a lot of money, but it also includes to enjoying your work and life by what you are doing! A social skill is any skill facilitating interaction and communication with others. As you progress in your career, youll have the opportunity to take on more responsibility and move up the ladder, eventually progressing to becoming a senior cabin crew member and leading the cabin crew team onboard. These 4 things will change the way you view leadership forever. I want to be a flight attendant because I love to travel and learn about new cultures. People thought we didn't have the authority to tell them to wear a mask, but under the federal mask mandate, we did. While airlines may have thousands of employees, when youre up in the air we only have each other to rely on. I want to experience the world and enjoy the atmosphere while doing so. Ive always considered becoming a flight attendant, but I needed to finish a masters degree. ", Interview Question: "What Was Your Biggest Challenge as a Student? However, it goes without saying, this is not an exhaustive list. As cabin crew, youll have the chance to see the world and visit remarkable places that you might not otherwise have had the chance to go to. I am passionate about any job that I do. SHOWCASE YOUR SKILLSET:Use your response as an opportunity to emphasize the key skills and experience that you would bring to the employer. Focus on the customer service aspect of the job:Flight attendants are responsible for providing excellent customer service. Im ready to start what Ive been motivated to do my whole life. Stay up to date with what you want to know. As with any open-ended questions, it's easy to feel like anything goes. They spoke on condition of anonymity to protect their career, but Insider has verified. This is a goal and passion of mine to become someone very important in this world and I believe by helping others in any way possible is something I look forward to. Ive always had a passion for hospitality and quality service with a smile. This is so helpful,I had an interview recently and all these donts were my answers I failed the interview but now I understand why,I have another interview with another airline on Monday,after reading this article,I believe I will perform better. match. It has always been a dream of mine since I was a child. 56. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. If things dont go as planned the first time, there are always other airlines to consider, or you can reapply to the same airline after six months. I want to pursue it now to better myself and finally make my lifetime dream come true I would love to be a Flight Attendant because Id love a career where my smile and hospitality matters most. Flight attendants have an average salary of $16.71 per hour. Five examples of a great answer to this question Why You Want to Be a Flight Attendant? In this article, well give you five great reasons why becoming cabin crew is everyones dream job. Thus I could imagine how hard work can be for just little money. I can explore different things while enjoying this career. 78. assume youre on board with our. Weve covered this before, but it is well worth repeating. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. If you really want to say that, do it, but just make sure it has more depth than that.Remember what we were talking about before? 89. 08. Im ready to start my career in my passion for traveling and diversity with customer service. Ive been working in the restaurant business for the last 14 years, serving tables and providing excellent customer service so I feel confident with my serving skills. Your next step to becoming a flight attendant is to pass the job interview. Completion of Airline orientation/training program. This is the most common mistake people make when trying to land their dream job as a flight attendant: they underestimate how important it is to maintain an appropriate level of professionalism in . This as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with a flight attendant for a major American airline. My dream job involves an extensiveamount of teamwork, such as regular staff meetings and group projects. Although I'd dreamt of being a flight attendant, I never really thought it was something I could achieve and then I did. thank you for these wonderful tips, as they are very helpful, I have an interview one on one with a recruiter from an airline and this was very helpful.. thank you again.. You will be informed about the results in person interview process. I feel like I would be a great flight attendant I want a new fresh start and Im determined and dedicated to doing this. Its the travel and adventure, the diversity of experiences and meeting new people, but most of all its the lifestyle, the lifestyle, the lifestyle of this one-of-a-kind career. I like customer service and traveling. I want a great career that I can be proud of so I can stay at one job. Equally, ensure you anticipate the next question. Others, simply havent given this question enough thought. $13.08 $ 13. The new daily encounters of working with different customers intrigue me. 77. When you go for an interview for a position as a flight attendant, you will be asked the question Why Do You Want to Be a Flight Attendant?. The role of a flight attendant may seem alluring, with the opportunity to travel the world, meet new people, and enjoy a glamorous lifestyle. It's not easy to be a flight attendant. Because of all that, you will get a high reputation for being a flight attendant. Being a flight attendant can be a serious job. Ill start with what I think are the most relevant to the job description first, if I may? I have a good relationship with the people I meet. Its been a dream for a long time and I finally have time to do it. Its important to have a good answer ready, as this is one of the most common questions interviewers will ask. 40. The time has come because I have always wanted to do this since I was a little girl! With answers ranging from: I want to see the world, to I like the uniform and even Im not sure really, Ive seen plenty of wannabe flight attendants fail at the first hurdle! All rights reserved. If youre looking for a challenging and rewarding career, then becoming cabin crew is definitely for you! Related jobs near you WA Part-time jobs Full-time jobs Remote jobs Urgently hiring jobs View more jobs on Indeed Flyingbynumbers Resident Senior Flight Attendant Alissa, Battle of the twin-jets: Boeing 777 vs. 787 Dreamliner. But at my home base, I've been able to foster a strong friend group, which is really important. I love everything about it. I love interacting with new people & having new adventures. 17. Dont Because Im experienced in offering exceptional customer service, I am proficient in emergency situations, as well as handling difficult situations from reaching out of control incidents. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. I look forward to making a career in an industry in which I can interact with and serve people. Im very motivated and love to be able to assist people and work under any circumstance. Its a new adventure every day and is very spontaneous. I want to live outside of my comfort zone and experience new beginnings. I want a new start to a new lifestyle. to be a flight attendant you have to have great social skills. I have no one to hold me back. Ive had a passion for the hospitality, travel and tourism industry for as long as I can remember and I would be very honored to serve the public in this capacity. Why It Works:This candidate does an excellent job of connecting her answer to the job she is applying for, offering good examples of how she is well-versed in the collaborative teamwork skills the position will demand. Since then, Ive always told myself Im going to be one someday. My dream job is to become a flight attendant, WRONG ANSWER! Why does the interviewer ask this question? Sign up for notifications from Insider! I have a wonderful personality. I love to travel and explore new places, and becoming a flight attendant would allow me to do this regularly. Working as cabin crew on certain flights or routes exposes you to new cultures and traditions. "Tell me about your dream job" can be a trickyinterview question. Im ready for this life-changing career. 3. 7. I am also passionate about flying, and I think that becoming a flight attendant would allow me to combine these two interests.. This will aptly hone my interpersonal skills. These are transferable skills that I would be able to bring to the position of a flight attendant, I do enjoy my current job and Im grateful for it but I want a career that is more exciting, demanding and varied. I believe I would best be able to utilize my talents as a Flight Attendant by helping more people than any other job. In Stock. I have a passion for safety and hospitality services. I want a job with a feeling of independence. Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you're on the go. Make sure some of those elements match the description of the job for which you are applying. Thank you so much. Memorizing your answers means that you run the risk of forgetting what to say if things go even a little bit differently from what you expected. Its always been my dream job. If you intend to base your answer around a love of travel, make sure you tailor it to the specific airline you are applying to! Also, I dont like being cooped up in an office so I feel this would be the perfect job for me. Its something I always thought about in my mind. This means that they are not at all interested in people who are applying because they can't find anything else that suits them or just have a vague interest in becoming a flight attendant. Are flight attendants trained to land planes? I have a passion for helping people and making them happy. You can make it! ", How To Answer Interview Questions About Teamwork, Interview Question: "What Motivates You? Cool!" was a source of pride. Furthermore, work should be fun. This interview question helps interviewersassess your motivation. I wish people realized that we're there for the safety and security of the plane and its passengers. Every day, youll be meeting new people and experiencing different things. Candidates who speak both English and French fluently are preferred. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. Once you are ready, fill out an online application. During the interview process, airlines typically ask candidates to perform a drug test and conduct a criminal background check. Pharapreising and interpretation due to major educational standards released by a particular educational institution as well as tailored to your educational institution if different; 92. Focus your response on what you can bring to the airline, not the other way around. 19. 10. Does your ideal job go hand in hand with a high salary then, or do you want to enjoy what you are doing? I have always been interested in different cultures and customs, and I think that becoming a flight attendant would allow me to learn more about different cultures. 33. 52. In the beginning, we got a lot more pushback. Hey I'm Elle! Prepare and submit your resume. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. Im a very outgoing and excited type of person, I need to be out and about mingling with others. Having conducted several new entrant cabin crew interviews, Ive found that many people have a very superficial understanding of the job. 95. Create your own answers, the ones that best suit you and tell the interviewer what you are all about. Insider spoke to a flight attendant at a major American airline about their job during the pandemic. Highlight your interest in travel:Talk about how you love traveling and exploring new places. Now that the children are grown, I have the opportunity to go for it. If leadership doesn't come naturally to you, it can be very . In order to prepare your answer, brainstorm what appeals to you about the job: Go back to the job listing, and look through the job description and requirements to find what most excites and interests you about the position. I would also like to travel and have a career I can be proud of. 85. I really think I have a lot to offer this career, and also its the best way to see the world and meet many new wonderful people and has amazing experiences,. Working with kids in that environment means that you have to have a strong sense of responsibility, and a keen eye for safety, while at the same time being friendly, approachable and able to communicate effectively. In this article, we define what a flight attendant is, describe their day-to-day work duties and provide in-depth explanations of 19 pros and cons of being a flight attendant so you can decide if it's the right job match for you. Flight attendant career. I am 39, I have an excellent demeanor that is genuine, and I love working with all types of people! There are often opportunities to expand on these skills, furthering your personal development. The experience would be amazing, and getting away is the ultimate goal of mine. Things youll deal with as a team include; medical emergencies. Besides wanting to travel the world, I also want to be unique and experience a fun and exciting career. I want to pursue it now to better myself and finally make my lifetime dream come true I would love to be a Flight Attendant because I'd love a career where my smile and hospitality matters most. So if youre preparing for a job interview as a flight attendant, be sure to read this article! 98. It's a great perk of the job but your responsibilities are anything but glamorous. I have been working as a dairy queen for the last 2 years. The key is not just to verbally list your skills, you must talk about them, discuss them, weave them into the conversation. I Love to help others. I enjoy giving not only giving excellent customer service but hospitality as well. Truck driving isnt enough! Do you consider yourself a people person who likes to engage with clients or with the larger community? It was almost like we didn't know any better, so we were able to cope with how strange our jobs became. You can also focus on the industry in your response to this question: If you are applying for a job at an environmental nonprofit, for example, you can mention your passion for environmentalism. I used to work for the airport and I always thought Flight Attendants are great role models for people. It is no surprise that these shared experiences mean cabin crew bond together quickly. Everyone will have differing reasons and personalities, and, as an interviewer, it is easy to spot when someone is insincere. There is nothing worse than physical work that exhausts you, so my idea of an ideal job is neither an extremely active work, nor a sedentary job, but something in between. I want to travel the world and get paid for it while meeting and greeting new people. Answering this question effectively will demonstrate that you have the right motivation to become a flight attendant and understand the job. Keep believing in yourself, and good luck!

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